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  • One of many tiny bouquets made from a gargantuan bouquet… I found it Friday at Farmers Market.

    I made two for my daughter, one for a friend who is exhausted and needed a smile, and one for my friend who is having a baby in a month.

    I arrange flowers with my heart. I buy vases and glasses of all sizes, and keep them in a cabinet to give away.

    I buy a bouquet with several motives… I want the largest, most vibrant, eclectic assortment that is fresh, uplifting, fragrant and dazzling… I separate it out, imagining how many people I can touch with one bouquet…

    I have rolls of ribbon to envelop the flowers and vessel.

    I want someone I love to feel that I love them in each action and gesture.

    Gestures and demonstrations of love are important to me. I try to show my love at each opportunity.

    With love, Blm http://blondelandmine.tumblr.com
  • lacasuarina:

    Picnic pack.

    We have this, but tonight, I coolly gravitated to the Winemaker Series, Lot 1, 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Dealing with all I’ve neglected for 6 and a half years goes better with a cocktail or two, and decent wine to extend into the wee hours while I work.

    I want our home to be lovely again. It once was, and it will be once more.

    Being eccentric and bohemian is not without consequence.


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    Everything else is just a fancy dance of wasted energy.


  • "You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do. -Henry Ford"
  • I need a table-sized one of these!!

    Today, I’ve weeded through 5 large boxes and six large bags of unmitigated nonsense!!! I’ve done a million loads of laundry, and I’m still not finished.


    The giveaways for friends and charity shops will be mind blowing, again.

    Downsizing is an arduous task. It’s not too early for a cocktail, I think…or many.

    We have all these upcoming birthdays, baby gifts, gatherings, and then, Christmas? I need a separate room for all of the gifts and gift-giving accoutrements. Seriously. Just the next week alone is a zoo.

    I’m glad to be away from work, and catching up on 6.5 years of neglect is hard… Junk multiplies when you neglect it. It’s a fact.


    In success!


  • *Warmth*

    I really have to go.

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